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The History of Veritas

In 2012, when tenors Jeff Anderson, Andrew Goodwin and Jordan Johnson, baritone James Berrian, and bass Scott Lawrence came together as Veritas, their backgrounds, encompassing opera, musical theater, rock, and other genres, melded into a sound that’s uniquely passionate, virtuosic, and powerfully communicative. They’ve inspired countless standing ovations, in theaters, multiple performances at Carnegie Hall, arena concerts, cruise ships, even in churches and prisons.

With seven past releases, spanning broadway hits, classical repertoire, re-imagined pop favorites, and sacred standards, Veritas offers highly artistic arrangements sure to capture the hearts of every listener.

All this has been prelude to their latest album A Time Together. Featuring eleven timeless chart-toppers which not only resonate with the artists themselves, but also take listeners on a journey through time, to places they may remember or have forgotten, or never visited before.

The Members of Veritas


Nostalgic & heartfelt. Andrew may seem quiet at first, but if you pay attention, his incredibly quick wit will keep you laughing! His favorite city is Disney and he’s a fanatic for Harry Potter and all things Star Wars!


Classic & approachable. James is a kind, thoughtful soul who is friendly to everyone, but he’s also driven to succeed. His favorite movie is “Hook”, and don’t mess with the man’s hot tea…he has to have it!


Passionate & pure. Jeff continuously encourages others and his soulful heart matches his soulful voice! He loves sports and his favorite teams are the Seahawks, Huskies & Mariners…see a pattern here?


Witty & eclectic. Jordan loves to make others laugh with his distinctive style of humor. He is a die-hard soccer fan and has an uncanny knowledge of movie trivia, so be prepared if you try to go head-to-head with him!


Artistic & scrupulous. Scott is the intellectual who can always be counted on to methodically process every situation, and come up with a creative solution. Don’t give him any old cup of Joe, he is just as discerning about his coffee preferences!