Veritas is on Patreon!

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Hello everyone! We are excited to announce today that Veritas is now on Patreon! We’ve created this Patreon as a way to connect with you and to ensure we are able to continue providing content to our fans regularly. By partnering with us on Patreon, you will receive early access to our content, exclusive Patreon-only content, and some really great opportunities to learn about and speak into our creative process!

Simply choose the tier below which best suits you and immediately unlock all the content in that tier. A lot of the content you’ll find here has never been (and likely never will be) available to the public! 

Now all that’s left is to decide: do you want to sit in the mezzanineorchestra, or reserve your own private box? Either way, we hope you enjoy the show!

– Andrew, James, Jeff, Jordan, & Scott

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