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Veritas’ Deluxe Edition of their self-titled debut album is now available for purchase on iTunes. After three months of touring with the Sandi Patty Forever Grateful Tour, where the Deluxe Edition has been exclusively sold, the band announces the digital release of this extended project.  The Deluxe Edition offers three additional tracks, which continue to define the contemporary classical styling of the five-piece vocal group.  The up-tempo English/Italian ballad “This Much” is a creative expression of the classical and pop musical backgrounds represented within the group.  The unforgettable melody throughout the chorus pairs beautifully with the love-filled lyrics and is sure to stick with the listener, reminding them of the extent to which they truly are loved.  The song “Forevermore” has been a staple in the Veritas concert since their debut in 2012, and is now available on this recording.  The through-composed melody ebbs and flows in sync with the text that is found in the 145th Psalm.  “Triumph of the Ages” has been described as a mini-theatrical scene, which depicts the events of the Passion week from the perspective of those that were present.  Hear from the words of the disciples, the officials, the centurions, and the friends and family of Christ as they tell the story of His passion for mankind.  The haunting melodies, paired with a larger-than-life orchestra take you through a journey of dissonance leading up to a triumphant chorus proclaiming the greatest victory of all time.

You can view the Veritas schedule to see when they will be performing near you.

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  1. I have the deluxe edition, however the lyrics to “This Much” are not included. I want to know if the full lyrics with the Italian sections translated is available. Thanks.

  2. I am interested in buying a number of “Veritas Deluxe Edition” CDs for friends. I attended a Sandi Patty concern and unfortunately only bought 1 VERITAS Deluxe Edition CD. I’d like 5 to 10 more. Where can I get the CDs?

  3. I also am wondering where we can find the lyrics to “This Much” – what a powerful song! It would be great to see a video release and the lyrics in English/Italian so we can follow along also. Is there an all Italian lyric version too? Thank you.

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