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Over the past 7 years we have seen a huge turn-around in the way we all use the internet. Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., have literally changed our day-to-day routines. This has made it MUCH easier for musicians to keep in touch with their families, friends, and fans while they are traveling around the world. And that is exactly what we want to do!  If you have not yet done so, please visit us @VeritasFive on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram! Feel free to drop us a note…we love to hear from you!

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  1. Five guys, you were fantastic tonight at Hillcrest. We truly loved your voices and especially the message in song. Keep singing for Jesus. He is touching hearts through your ministry.

    FYI, add to your social media. It is my favorite place to find great Christian videos.

    Praying for the Harvest,


  2. I first heard you perform on Life Today several weeks ago. I went to Amazon immediately and ordered your CD. Please let me know if you have DVD of your performances for purchase. I do love your voices and how HOLY you perform. I lo ok forward to hearing from someone about my question and how I am to go about this. Thank you.

    Linda Titus

    1. Post

      Hi Linda, thank you for your kind words! At the moment we do not have a DVD available for purchase but as soon as we do, we will announce it here on our website! We hope that you will continue to keep up with us in the future. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to get the latest Veritas news!

      Kind Regards,
      Team Veritas

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