“REACH Concert Series” Goes to Texas

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From February 3rd through February 9th, Veritas will be joining the REACH CONCERT SERIES for a Texas tour.  The following is from the Music Evangelism Foundation’s website:

“The REACH CONCERT SERIES is sponsored by Music Evangelism Foundation of Colorado Springs, CO, in partnership with Reach the Rest to support and equip indigenous church planting among unreached-unengaged people groups in West and North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.”

Other artists featured on the REACH tour include: Babbie Mason, Tiffany Coburn, Lori Jean Smith, Greg Wiggins, Johnny Hall, and Nathan Woodward.  The tour will kick off in Houston at the Grace Theater, where special guest Jeanette Clift George will join the tour for two nights.

Music Evangelism Foundation has sponsored Seminars, Conferences, and Concerts around the world for more than 30 years.  To read more about the upcoming REACH CONCERT SERIES, visit MEF’s website: Reach Concert Series

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