Our Life-Changing Trip to Haiti

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We just got back from a life-changing trip. We’ve been partnering with Holt International for quite some time but we just had the opportunity to see first-hand what they are doing in just one of the countries they work in and we’ll never be the same.

Our partnership with Holt brings such joy to the five of us as we see each of our concerts impact not only our audience but the lives of underprivileged children around the world. Traveling with Holt to experience the work they are doing to transform children’s lives truly changed the way we see the world. While desperation and despair were so apparent throughout our time in Haiti, it was the shining smiles of the children which will forever be etched in our hearts. Smiles that exist because people on the other side of the globe recognized they could be part of something so much greater. Holt International is truly carrying out God’s work by “acting as the hands and feet of Jesus.” Through this partnership, we are seeing empty stomachs filled, families strengthened, and futures being entirely rewritten. This is more than concerts and social work. This is Kingdom work. 

That’s why, right now, we ask you to stop what you’re doing and go sponsor a child! For $34 a month, you can provide everything a child needs to grow and thrive — from food, shelter and clothing to education and the loving care of a family or devoted caregivers. You can rewrite a child’s future.

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