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  1. Saw you at First Baptist Atlanta, drove almost 100 miles to see you, with tears in my eyes, hoping you would do this. But you gave me a blessing anyway. God bless and keep you guys, on your tour and travels. You are not only a blessing, but a national treasure! PLEASE come back to the Atlanta area and advertise your coming this time. You are truly a blessing to all those who see/hear you!
    Thank you for the uplift, everytime I hear this! Your next album should be in THIS room. It really showcases your voices of praise!
    Much appreciation, Mike Doster
    Aka Reeble Snarfle.

  2. The concert at Camp of the Woods was fabulous! I attended both nights and enjoyed the concert immensely! Would love to hear you again sometime! May God richly bless your ministry wherever you go! Thanks again for coming to Speculator.

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