Jordan Johnson

  • Full Name: Jordan Dane Johnson
  • Birthplace: Palm Beach, FL
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Pets: Marty McFly Johnson (French Bulldog/Time Traveler) And Daphne Johnson (Miniature Dachsund/Mostly my wife’s…)
  • Spouse: Crystal
  • Current Residence: Atlanta, Ga
  • First Job: Mini Storage Janitor at 14. Jobs included Sweeping, mopping, and regulating on that golf cart.
  • Favorite Food: Sushi, or anything that I cook for my wife.
  • Favorite City: New York City (but only to visit, I did NOT like living there)
  • Favorite Vocalists: Freddie Mercury, Steve Perry, and Michael Bolton in no particular order
  • Favorite Bands: Queen, Journey, Switchfoot, and wait for it…the artist formerly known as Truth. Oh and I hear Veritas is pretty good too.
  • Favorite Movie: Never has a more loaded question been asked of me. Depends on the genre… Again, no particular Order… Hook, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Tommy Boy, Dumb and Dumber, all the Star Wars, all the Back to the Futures and 3 out of 4 of the Indiana Jones’s. And So many more…
  • Favorite Book: The Bible for dummies
  • Favorite Composer: Easy, John Williams
  • Weak Spot: Foie Gras and Red Meat
  • Pet Peeve: Being shushed.
  • Someone you wish to meet: I already got to meet Landon Donovan, that was awesome. I’d say now…Will Ferrell.
  • Random/Crazy Fact about you: When I was 17 Simon Cowell told me I should be in a boy band…hmm
  • Memorable moment in your career: Every single time I walk out on stage and take a deep breath before singing the first note, I exhale, thank God, and make a wonderful memory. But I would have to say the very first Veritas concert was the most unforgettable moment. I was excited yet mortified.
  • Describe the other guys in Veritas: Scott is stoic (he loves when I call him that) and a super artsy guy. Jeff can carry a conversation with anyone and he will…He’s got his very own unique sense of humor and always makes James laugh. James is a charming cheeky British gentleman born in London…London, Alabama. Andrew’s quiet but mischievous, he can always add to the comedy, definitely my partner in crime.


Growing up in Palm Beach, Florida, Jordan was constantly surrounded by music.  From an early age, the desire of his heart was to sing, and that is exactly what has transpired.  Leading worship in various churches gave Jordan the assurance that this was the direction he was to pursue.  Jordan’s family had a great impact on his desire to pursue music. “I came from a family of great singers and musicians, my mother Debby, and my older sister Jenee are both fabulous singers.  I credit them for really helping to encourage and train me from a very young age.  I also grew up watching an incredible group called Truth.  The group was literally in my blood as my uncle, Roger Breland, was the group’s founder.  From the time I could speak, I was trying to emulate those incredibly talented voices.  I sang in praise teams as soon as they would take me, probably around 12 years old.  I took voice lessons and I sang to the top of my lungs, whether in the shower or in the car. I was always practicing and emulating these other singers because singing was my first true love.”

After a year of study at Liberty University, Jordan found himself living in Manhattan, studying musical theatre and acting at Circle in the Square, where he trained and performed at the prestigious Gershwin Theatre.  He would go on to audition for musicals and receive an offer for a role in the current Broadway play, “Rock of Ages”.  He recalls, “I was incredibly nervous walking in to the audition.  It was only my second audition for a show of this magnitude. I sang Journey’s song “Faithfully” and I remember walking out thinking ‘man I kinda blew that one.’ Much to my surprise I got a callback and was all but assured a spot on Broadway.  Then the show went on hiatus for a few years (lack of funding), so naturally, I was pretty crushed.  I thought that was my shot.  Yet, there was a peace in my heart about the situation.  I discovered that musical theatre wasn’t where I was supposed to be.” The University of Mobile was the next step in Jordan’s journey, studying Worship Ministry and performing around the country with premier vocal groups, Voices of Mobile and Shofar.  Upon graduation, one of Jordan’s dreams came full circle, when he was privileged to sing 1st tenor on the vocal line for the Truth 40th Anniversary Tour.

Although Jordan is trained in many styles of vocal performance including classical, musical theater, and pop, the style he tends to lean on most as a vocalist in Veritas is his rock style.  Jordan confesses that “while some songs in Veritas’ repertoire require a legit classical sound, many songs benefit greatly from the texture that a rock-style voice can bring to the table.”  He jokes that, “I like to draw some inspiration from my inner Freddie Mercury, Bon Jovi, and Steve Perry…guys who are legends in my book. I just love the mix that happens when classical voices meet pop and rock.  It makes for a mind blowing experience for us on stage, and it seems like our fans are enjoying it as well!”

“Singing with Veritas has been a surreal, and almost inexpressible, amazing experience.  To be able to do what you love is such a blessing.  I am honored to be sharing the platform with my friends, who just happen to be some of the most talented men in music today.  I thank God every day for giving me the ability to do what I do…I don’t ever want to take it for granted.”

Jordan currently lives in Atlanta with his wife Crystal and their two dogs, Marty and Daphne. “Funny story…on our first date I told Crystal that I wanted to pursue vocal performance as my career (I was still just a college student at the time).  She laughed and said I was ‘livin on a dream.’  On our second date, I played her a cell phone recording that I had of myself singing “We Are The Champions”.  She kind of giggled/cried and said ‘oh, I get it now.’  Ever since that day, she’s been my biggest supporter.  We still look back and laugh at ‘livin on a dream’!”  On May 19th, 2015, Jordan and Crystal welcomed their first little girl, Olivia Lane Johnson, into the world.  Their very first “Veritot”!